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The Little Boy Asked WHY? The Search for Answers

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The Little Boy Asked - Why? The Search for Answers This book fulfills two commitments. The first is discovering why the American dream is fading, and the second, how to enable opportunity. Motivation: America must be a free country where people can have a dream and reach their potential. Today\'s young adults are getting a raw deal because greed, and a self-serving government, shattered the implied generational promise of continuing opportunities. Mission: find and document the reasons behind the fading American dream. Objective: present the data without concern for political correctness. Accurate information leads to good decisions. Read our book, Decision-making in a Disruptive Reordering. The important point is that you may deal with the result of those decisions for the rest of your life. Americans live via their smart phones, have an insatiable need to validate facts, and falsely assume that expert information comes from independent, unimpeachable organizations. In reality, truth is inconvenient. Institutions manufacture or sanitize deceptive information products, then test the reaction before releasing it as news. Expert sources, used to verify accuracy, become programmed echo chambers*. We partially live in an alternate reality game (ARG), a parallel universe constructed of artificial images by the government (both parties), and the media. The book contains examples documenting this real-life, simulated \"Matrix,\" where we are the programmed players, \"thrashing around,\" evaluating problems and endlessly rehashing intellectual garbage based on false information. In the real world, nothing changes. Breaking this continuous loop means isolating the causes and making positive change, as defined in the last two sections of The Little Boy Asked - Why? The Search for Answers. We have one life, and it is not an ARG. The game will continue until we bring it to a screeching halt by making significant political changes. We want a free America filled with opportunities for every citizen. We want you to be successful, push the frontiers of science, and convert a disruptive reordering into a nation where the diversity of America once again becomes its strength, and not its weakness. These are the reasons for writing this book. Please visit Wayne L to purchase The Little Boy Asked - Why? The Search for Answers and other books by the author. *In news media an echo chamber is a metaphorical description of a situation in which information, ideas, or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by transmission and repetition inside an \"enclosed\" system, where different or competing views are censored, disallowed, or otherwise underrepresented. The term is by analogy with an acoustic echo chamber, where sounds reverberate. - Wikipedia
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