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They Will Do Anything: Identity Theft and Internet Fraud

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Who are they? What do they want? How do I protect myself? Identity theft and Internet fraud are two of the most significant problems facing us today. With the explosion of technology and with the amount of information out there about us, everyone is in danger. There is no longer any choice. Law enforcement and government canít keep up. Itís up to us as individuals to take action to protect ourselves and our digital identities. They Will Do Anything: Identity Theft and Internet Fraud is an easy-to-read resource for you learn about how your every-day personal information is exposed, how it can be used and exploited by the wrong people, and Ė most importantly Ė what YOU CAN DO to protect yourself from identity thieves and Internet scammers. This book reveals the harsh realities of one of the most critical topics of our time. Buy this book and read it for yourself, and buy extra copies to give to those you love. Itís that important.
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