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Decision-making in a Disruptive Reordering

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Americans, young and old, immersed in a period of disruptive change and reordering of lifestyles and the workplace, face an uncertain future. Given that reality, decision-making is a profoundly important skill. The online world provides visibility to everything, and decisions, some small at the time but enormous when added together, have dangerous, long-term consequences. This book addresses three demographics. Each faces a challenging future, for different reasons. The first group is young people. They are preparing for the workplace or stuck in low-level jobs, and making decisions that will shape their entire lives and society in general. The second group includes workers uprooted by a disruptive society, challenged by diminishing career options and workplace opportunities. The third group is those trapped in low resource situations, for whatever reason. This includes increasing numbers of the previous two groups. There is a way out of poverty, and it has nothing to do with race, religion, or gender. All share three common objectives.
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